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Available and easy to work with

One of the most important considerations in choosing an attorney was their availability to take my call when I needed to speak with them.
Mr. Powers always took my calls or returned them that same day. I was always working directly with him, and not an assistant, and I always knew the status of my case.
Tim P - Waterford, MI

Gets the Job done

I had a very large credit card debt that I was being sued for. I couldn’t pay the amount I owed and I couldn’t file for bankruptcy.
I worked with Mr. Powers who went to court several times, and had the case dismissed.
Steve P - Highland, MI

Confused and scared

I had been married for almost twenty years when my husband filed for divorce. I was a stay at home mother, and I didn't understand our finances or the divorce process.
Mr. Powers answered all of my questions, counseled me, and helped me to determine what our marital estate was. He obtained custody of my children for me, support, and a fair property settlement without going through a trial. I would recommend him to anyone going through a divorce.
Ann-Marie - Hartland, MI


I wanted to buy a business, but I wasn’t sure how to do it.  I consulted with several attorneys, and chose Mr. Powers after meeting with him. 
He provided me with solid advice and an easy to understand road map of the steps I needed to take to buy this business and protect myself.  Now I’m a business owner, and I can’ thank Mr. Powers enough for making this a very seamless transaction. 
Stephen J - White Lake, MI

Justice Served

Scott helped me with a case regarding a Minor in Possession. It was crucial that the case got dismissed, and Scott made sure justice was served. The case was dismissed after a verdict of not guilty. He treated the entire case very professionally, and he made sure that next time, the officer in question might think twice about wrongfully ticketing a person.

Dillon T – Northville, MI


My son got caught up with the wrong crowd and ended up in jail.  On a recommendation from a friend, I called Mr. Powers, and he was able to get my son out of jail the next day and resolve his case quickly. 
Robert H - Novi, MI

Unfair Treatment

I worked as a commissioned sales person in a competitive industry.  My accounts were routinely being transferred to other men in my company, and I was being passed up for promotions even though my sales numbers were number one for my group. 
I had enough of the good ole boys club, and called Mr. Powers on a recommendation.   I couldn't be happier about the way he has handled my case.

Kristen H - Waterford, MI


I’ve worked with a handful of attorneys in my life, and Mr. Powers was the first attorney that genuinely cared about my well being, and took a sincere interest in my case. 
Thank you Scott! 
Richard G - Oxford, MI


I had a contract dispute with a company that I couldn’t resolve.  I contacted Mr. Powers, who spent one day trying this case successfully before the other side called us that night and agreed to our terms. 
Brian J – Highland, MI

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