Employment Law

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Employment Law


Most of us are either employers or employees. As employers or employees,we have questions about what we can and can't do. Answering these questions properly is important, because doing the wrong thing can severely impact your business or your employment. Don't get overwhelmed with all of the laws and regulations governing you as an employer or employee, and don't risk guessing at the right answers. Contact attorney Scott W. Powers immediately to get the answers you need. As a former General Counsel for a multi-million dollar company, he has been in the trenches for his employer and its employees. Scott will listen to your goals and help you accomplish them. Scott will provide you with legal and practical advice that allows you to focus on managing your business or performing your job.

Scott W. Powers focuses on helping people and businesses in the following Employment Law areas:

  • Fair Labor Standards
  • Employment Agreements
  • Employment Handbooks
  • Employment Hiring
  • Employment Discharge
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Independent Contractors

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